Tuesday, 21 March 2017

'DREAMING' Under the Southern Bough play script published in China

February saw the publication in China of the play script ’DREAMING Under the Southern Bough’ which I wrote with collegue Adam Strickson. the play underwent a number of revisions from its first outing in Leeds in mid 2016. By the time the show toured China in Autumn 2016 the script was starting to look and feel much more like the play I imagined. I still feel like the play is unfinished business and the UK script contains further notes and stage directions (should it ever get published). I'm considering an anthology of Chinese translations so maybe it really is unfinished business.
I also contributed to two academic articles about intercultural theatre and working on classical Chinese text that were published in February. Most unusual!

One Minute Plays: A Practical Guide to Tiny Theatre

One Minute Plays: A Practical Guide
by steve Ansell and Rose Burnett Bonczek

February was a big month for me with the release of my first book ‘One Minute Plays: A practical guide to tiny theatre’ which Rose Bonczek and I spent a good deal of 2016 writing, collating and editing. The book, which is published by Routledge is available directly form the publisher, all on line retailers and also bookshops. The UK price for the paperback edition is around £25.It’s a big book and along with our writing it also contains 200 One Minute plays by a diverse range of brilliant playwrights.